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School Information and Policies 

Contact Us

The best way to connect with us is through email. You can email us at
During administrative business hours, we can also be contacted at (647)-707-7464.

You can also visit us at 4 – 20 Crown Steel Drive, Markham.

Administrative Hours

Tuesday to Friday 1PM to 8PM
Saturday 10AM to 6PM
Sunday 1PM to 6PM


Private Lesson Make Up Class / Absences

If you must miss a class, please give us written notice 48 hours before your lesson for full make-up credit.

If you let us know less than 48 hours before your lesson, but more than 24 hours, you may be subjected to 50% of your lesson fee, with no make-up credit.

If you forgot to come to class, come late, or let the administration know with less than 24 hours before your lesson, you will be charged the full tuition fee for the class and there will be no make-up lesson.

Please send all rescheduling requests to

In the event that a teacher is ill, or have to reschedule, you will be notified of the cancellation in advance, or the lesson will be made up by another qualified teacher. We do our best to maintain consistency in our lessons, and will match you up with teachers that fit you best. 

Private Lesson Loyalty Discounts for Long-Term Students

Students purchasing a loyalty package receive scheduling priority and discounted rates. The credit is non-transferable, and non-refundable. They do not expire, however, after 16 months of inactivity, it will be valued to reflect any pricing changes if there is one. 

Group Lessons 

Introductory Lessons are 55 minutes in length.
Beginner lessons are 60 minutes in length, however if there are 6 students or more in a class, we add an additional 15 minutes to the lesson!
Intermediate, Glee and Advanced lessons are 60 minutes in length.


Depending on the school term, student repertoire includes popular Top 40 songs, and a full Broadway Musical. We are happy to offer supplementary dance, drama and performance training, but our focus is on vocal skill development. We begin our curriculum with group songs, and as our students gain confidence and strong technical ability, we offer a masterclass series during their classes. This allows students to receive coaching on any song they wish to sing. 

Group Class Tuition 

Lessons and credits are non-transferable, and non-refundable. As part of the program fees, a minimum of two (2) performance opportunities are included in the pricing for each term. If you do not attend the performances, you will not be reimbursed. 

Students that are ill are encouraged to stay home, and can opt to Zoom into the classroom to participate virtually if they should feel well enough to do so. Students can make up a missed class within the same school week by joining any one of our available group classes.

Please consult the group class schedule to see which class is suitable for your child’s ability and age.
Please send all absences and requests for make up sessions to


Regular Performances 

We often have public out-of-school and in-school performances, as well as in-class recording opportunities. These are all included with the lessons fees, so we encourage our students to take advantage of the available experiences. While students don’t have to participate in every event, we encourage them to make our events their priority so that they can feel a strong belonging to the school. Parents/ students must agree to media release forms to participate in these photographed and videotaped events. 

Special Performances 

We have many exciting performances every month. To be notified, please ask to be on the Wechat family group, or special request to include you to the mailing list to find out more about the performances.

Summer Programs

Please look out for our summer programs. We have exciting weekly camps like ‘MV (music video) Making’, ‘Song-Writing’, ‘Cover Video Recording’, ‘Musical Theatre’, and we know they will inspire your kids!

T-Shirt / School Uniform / Rental

School T-shirt are available for purchase at $15. This is worn for all out of school events, including performances, camps, and field trips. Please purchase this well before your performance date to ensure your child has one. If you need special sizing, please let us know at the beginning of the school term so that we can order it for you.

At some shows, students will require special costumes. If the school provides it, students will not have to purchase the item, but they will pay a rental fee to borrow it for the show. We offer this service so that parents do not have to purchase large amounts of costumes each year. 

Student Media Release Consent Agreement

Part 1 – Events 

I hereby agree and give my permission for The Singing School and/or partners to record, film, photograph, audiotape or videotape my/my child’s name, image, student work, and performance (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Works”) and to display, publish or distribute these Works for the purpose of publishing, posting on the The Singing School website, posting in schools, posting on social media sites and/or for broadcasting on television or radio as determined by the The Singing School. 

I hereby waive any right to approve the use of these Works now or in the future, whether the use is known to me or unknown, and I waive any right to any royalties related to the use of these Works. 

I understand that the Works may appear in electronic form on the internet or in other publications outside of the The Singing School’s control. I agree that I will not hold the The Singing School responsible for any harm that may arise from such unauthorized reproduction. 

I agree that my child may participate in recorded The Singing School/school events and The Singing School hosted events as described above. 


Part 2 – Media Specific 

I also understand that external media organizations may attend school events. I give permission for my/my child’s name, image, student work, and performance to be photographed, filmed, audio-taped or videotaped for the purpose of being published and/or broadcast on-line, on television or radio. 

I agree that child may participate in media events that may be published or broadcast by organizations external to the The Singing School. 

I have read this Student Media Release Consent Form and I fully understand the contents and meaning of this release. I understand that I am free to contact the school with any questions regarding this release.

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