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March 2023 Auditions

We are now casting leading characters in our upcoming musical!

Be a proud cast member of over 50 students as we put on our biggest show of the year. Sing, dance, and act the story of Lion King, and make lifelong friendships with follow theatre lovers! 

Audition Times: 

Monday, March 13th 1PM-2:30PM
Monday, March 13th 3:00PM- 5:00PM

 Monday, March 13th 5:30PM - 7:00 PM

Audition Requirements:

1.      Character Reading
(We encourage all aspiring cast members to memorize their lines and consider not just the words, but the tone of voice, and expression when delivering the lines. Please read as many lines are you wish.) 

2.     Please sing 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight', 'I Just Can't Wait to Be King' or 'Hakuna Matata'
3.     Please show us
your special talents - like dancing, juggling, acrobatics, martial arts, or anything else. *  You may be asked to imitate some simple dance sequence to see how quickly you pick up on choreography. 


Performance Date:
End of June 2023




MUFASA is the strong, honorable, and wise lion who leads the Pridelands. He should command respect onstage but also show tenderness with his son, Simba. 

SARABI is a featured lioness, Mufasa’s mate, and Simba’s mother. She has a few speaking lines and provides an opportunity for an actor who can be maternal to Simba and leader of the lionesses.

ZAZU is the anxious yet loyal assistant to Mufasa who is always trying to do his duty. Zazu’s lyrics are spoken rather than sung.

SCAR is the antagonist of the show, overcome with jealousy of his brother, Mufasa, and nephew, Simba. Coldhearted and wickedly intelligent, he will stop at nothing to become king of the Pridelands. We are looking for a mature performer who can bring out this villain’s dark side while handling Scar’s sarcastic sense of humor. 

YOUNG SIMBA, the protagonist of the story, is an adventurous and endearing cub who can’t wait to be king of the Pridelands. Young Simba is playful, energetic, and naive, but after his father Mufasa’s death, he struggles with shame and

his destiny. Cast a strong singer and dynamic performer in this role.

SIMBA grows from a cub to a lion in “Hakuna Matata.” Older Simba has more complex moments as he reunites with Nala, mourns his father, and returns to confront Scar. 


YOUNG NALA is a courageous lion and Young Simba’s best friend. She is not afraid to speak her mind. While Young Nala does sing a little, look for a strong female performer who can portray this confident cub.


NALA grows from a cub to a lioness before she confronts Scar.

TIMON is an outcast meerkat who lives in the jungle with Pumbaa. He is afraid of his own shadow, but pretends to be the confident, relaxed leader of the duo. Timon is one of the funniest characters in the show and should be played by a charismatic actor who understands comedic timing.


PUMBAA is a kindhearted, sensitive warthog who enjoys his simple life of grubs and relaxation. Loveable and loyal friend to Timon and Simba with deadpan humor.


If selected as a main character, you must commit to all cast rehearsals, dress rehearsals and be available for dance coaching, fittings, and photoshoots. If you become ill, please make an arrangement wherever possible to attend the rehearsals virtually.

There will be a performers contract that you must sign to show that you are committed to being part of the cast.

There is no fee to audition.
The tuition for selected Main Characters for existing group class students is $275 which covers the cost of main cast rehearsals, costumes, and memorabilia t-shirt. 
For students that are not enrolled in group class, the rate is $600 which includes all main cast rehearsals, costume fitting, and entry to unlimited group classes to learn choreography and blocking. 



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