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Why The Singing School?

We are on a mission to make top quality arts education, creative production that is accessible to everyone. 

We have top teachers in the industry (Singing, Production, Accompanying, Songwriting) that love and breathe music. They will make music fun, and inspire you!

Classrooms are state-of-the art; equipped with microphones, speakers, and recording technology so that you can record yourself in class! Learn, Practice, Film and Perform in one convenient location! 

Our creative team can make your dreams come true:

Do you want an original song?

Do you want to learn how to produce yourself?

Would you like to learn how to sing and play the guitar at the same time?

Would you like to make a youtube cover song? 

How about record your album and star in your personal concert?


We have VIP access to all the auditions, castings for TV and Radio shows, competitions and paid gigs. If you join us, you’ll have access to all of this!

We offer lessons in diverse styles. You will decide the teacher based on the genre of music. Our various teachers are capable of Classical, Pop, Pop-Rock, and Jazz techniques.

We offer lessons in foreign languages as well! Our teachers can teach in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Our classical voice teachers can coach your Italian, German, Spanish, and French!

Use of recording facility is FREE for all our students! (Mixing and mastering is heavily subsidized by our school)

No registration fees, no additional fees, no gimmicks. 


What Do You Learn Here?

You learn to sing like you were born that way. First we teach you, then we coach you. Then we let you be you!
But of course there’s so much more to it.

You set your goals, and we make them happen, it’s 100% customizable! 
Want to take weekly group lessons and supplement with private coaching? Sure! 

Want to have lessons on song writing as well as vocal training ? Sure!

 Want performance training that is suitable for your song? Absolutely (Depending on the type of song, we work frequently with partnering dance schools).

 Our teachers are capable of bringing you to the next level. So don’t be shy, tell us your deepest, musical wish! 



We offer classes based on age, and ability. Exceptions are made based on student level and length of study.



Example of a Group Class Break-down :

15-20 minutes of vocal warm up

15 vocal technique/ musicianship training

30 minutes of repertoire / song 

15 minutes of performance training



For students that are very serious about accelerating themselves, our private coaches and teachers are experienced and hold a university music and education diploma or equivalent qualification. 

An excellent choice for students wanting to join competitions and world-class stages as a solo artist!



Our adult students learn differently, but that doesn’t mean they can’t receive the same caliber of education. 


We offer private lessons, semi-private, and group lessons for our young adults.  As always, there are in-house recording capabilities to make your star dreams come true. 

We believe that working smarter is better than working harder.

All our students use workbooks to create action plans, set goals, and to write notes. 

Students join the homework hall of fame and earn a reward for their commitment to learning!

Join us today and be a member of a growing team! We love to share with you our vision for world filled with your soundtrack.


We advise all students to take advantage of our free assessment for prospective students. Our music director will personally evaluate your ability, help you set your actionable goals, and create your lesson plan with you. You can revisit your goals at anytime!  


Also, ask us about our loyalty promotions, we love to reward reoccurring students with swag, recording packages, and school credit that you can spend in any of our programs.

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