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(Ages 13 – 19)


July 15 – 19, or July 22 – 26

In this week long camp, students are mentored by industry level musicians and engineers to complete an original song from start to finish. All abilities are welcome, and you are only limited by your creativity. Aside from workshops in beats making, melody writing, lyric and prose, as well as basic midi, students also receive vocal coaching, and one-on-one lessons with an instrumental teacher of their choice so that they can play and perform their own creations. Instruments of choice include: Ukelele, Guitar, Keyboard. Campers will benefit the most in bringing their own Apple Laptops or newer generation iPad, and individual headphones learning to create on their own devices. Other equipments such as Midi-Controllers, Microphones, and Instruments will be provided with the rental fee.


Private Lesson: Accelerated Learning

When a student is self-motivated and able to practice regularly, they can consider private or semi-private lessons. These lessons offer individualized lessons, helping you get to your goals quicker. Finding a good teacher match for you is important to us, please sign up for a free assessment so that we can get to know you!


Group Lesson: For a range of abilities.

Alternating between small group and solo performance, we set attainable goals and build confidence in our all our students. Our lesson begins with warm ups, learning about basic anatomy and its respective vocal functions, and then proceeds to repertoire,  and sometimes even choreography. We participate in events like 'Open Mic Night' or 'Night it Up' festivals.


Group Lesson: For advanced students

With strict learning and practice plans, frequent performances, and perks such as make up and hair sponsorships, we give our young performance an opportunity to look and sound their best on stage. We offer high level vocal training, cardio-training, dance training, and vocal coaching.

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