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The Singing School is grateful and proud of its students.

The following testimonials are unedited messages from our wonderful students and their parents.

Ann is one of the best singing teacher that I’ve ever had. Her classes are always fun, yet educational. She taught me so many techniques that I was able to use to improve my tone. I was able to learn so many new things from her, such as learning new songs, cutting music, songwriting, making my singing clearer, using the microphone and much more. She also provided me with many opportunities on stages, so that I was able to experience and adapt to my stage fright and nervousness. I’ve become more used to the stage, with the help of Ann. Ann is my sister, my teacher and my friend. She was and always will be one of the best singing teachers that I have ever had.


- Carolyn, 11 years old



– Alina, 8 years old

Dear Ann,
You deserve infinite recognition for your exceptional work as a teacher. I cannot express in words how you have guided my son academically and emotionally throughout this year. Your intellectually stimulating class always made him look forward to Thursdays. Thank you for your professional guidance and dedication.


– Jennifer (Edwyn’s mom), 10 years old



– Shen (Rolian’s Mom), 11 years old

Ann is a very good teacher! She has a great sense of humour and makes you laugh a lot in class! I find her way of teaching very helpful because she is always very positive. I always feel good about going to her classes. She teaches me how to use my voice and become a better singer! Because of her I improved a lot and very quickly!


– Anna / LA, 9 years old

Ann has been a singing teacher for my daughter Rachel Tao for a long time. Rachel started singing since 6 year old, now she is 9. She came a long way. It has been a great experience with Ann Chau. Through out the years, Rachel learned the a series of singing techniques including vocal and breathing exercises, song choice, stage presentation, microphone skills and much more. Every year Ann will find many performance opportunities for her students to apply those learned skills to stage which will give a chance for her students to perform in the real world and showcase their voices to the community.  Also, for those who has talent as a musician, Ann is an excellent coach. With her help Rachel is able to work on many of her original songs ideas and projects. For someone like Rachel in need to express her feelings though music, it is very important. Ann Chau showed Rachel the way of creating something from her heart which will benefit her for life. I am very grateful. 


– Joyce (Rachel’s Mom), 9 years old

Ann老师是我们和女儿Crystal非常钟爱和力荐的声乐老师,她上课诙谐有趣,善于用生 动形象的语言将复杂难于理解的歌唱及表演过程清晰、明确地教给孩子,授课内容非常丰富有效,教学过程中尊重孩子,因材施教,很受孩子们的欢迎。课堂效率高,授课内容详细,气氛活跃,整节课学下来有很大的收获和欣喜,使孩子对声乐课产生了浓厚的兴趣!由衷感谢Ann老师对Crystal学习声乐过程的辛苦付出和快乐陪伴!


- Elaine Zhang (Crystal 妈妈)



– Sunny’s mom, 10 years old

三年前Ann老师第一次来给女儿上课时, 第一感觉是这个老师好年轻啊, 事实证明人的能力真的不是跟年龄成正比的! ANN老师的个人能力大家有目共睹, 北美最强音的总决赛冠军哦! Ann老师的教学能力更是不一般! 最大的特点就是她会因人施教, 每个孩子都能尽最大潜力发掘他们的特长, 出最佳的演出效果! Ann老师很了解儿童心理, 去年我家孩子在Ann老师的循循善诱的指导帮助下很快发掘出自己的想像力和潜力, 创作出自己的首个原创歌曲, 今年有望拍成MV哪!
家长们, 不要犹豫啦, Ann老师年轻有为, 教学有方, 新颖, 超前! 您的孩子跟着Ann 老师学习一定会有可喜的收获的!谢谢Ann 老师!


– Tracy (Kelly’s Mom), 9 years old

Ann is a great teacher as well as a great singer herself. She crafts lessons to tailor the sound that makes you unique and improve your voice; She cares deeply about her students and brings out the best them. Ann will boost your confidence. At first I’ve always heard from others that my daughter could not sing, but Ann helped Valerie discover a voice that I had not even heard before. I highly recommend Ann as a singing teacher.


–Valerie’s mom, 9 years old

On the first day in Ann’s class, I was already having a lot of fun. I have never had such an experience with other teachers. Singing is sort of my life and learning from Ann made everything better.  She taught me a lot of different singing exercises. We had a lot of performances and we got to see different people perform. I made a lot of friends, and most of all, I was able to perform better than I imagined for myself.  A memorable experience is when we went to Fantasy Fair to perform for Halloween. We had a lot of fun after the performance.  After we performed, we all went on rides with other singing students. I thinks it’s always worth trying new things and this experience was something I would never expect.


–Sarah, 12 years old



–Jimmy, 15 years old

As Carolyn’s Mom, I am really delighted to have Ann as Carolyn’s vocal coach. She is truly a musician, singer-songwriter and educator. Ann is well educated with her strong teacher’s college education background. She encourages and motivates her students to achieve their full potential. Ann trains Carolyn not only to be a good singer, but also a better musician. She teaches her students to be expressive when singing. Carolyn started to experience writing her own songs. She has learned to find her key to suit for her best voice when she chooses a new song, and cut and remix the music to make her singing interesting. Ann not only provides interesting live stages for the students, she also shares the live stages with her students. Carolyn has performed ‘When you believe’ and ‘See you again’ on the amazing stage for A1 Radio and Night It Up. Through the many live stages, she has gained unique performance expedite through her sister coach Ann. Carolyn is grateful to have Ann as a vocal coach, a sister and a friend!


– Julia (Carolyn’s Mom)

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