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School Information and Policies 


Group Lessons 

Introductory Lessons are 55 minutes in length.
Beginner lessons are 75 minutes in length.
Intermediate lessons are 60 minutes in length.

Our classes do not have breaks as most of our lessons are interactive and streamlined to keep students focused. 

Student repertoire includes popular top 40s songs, and broadway musical excerpts. We are happy to offer supplementary dance and performance training, but our focus is on vocal skill development. We begin our curriculum with group songs, and as our students gain confidence and strong technical ability, we offer a masterclass series during their classes. This allows students to receive coaching on any song they wish to sing. 


Group Class Tuition 

Lessons and credits are non-transferable, and non-refundable. 

Students can make up a missed class within the same school week by joining any one of our available group classes. Please consult the schedule to see which class is suitable for your child’s ability and age. 

Students are given credit for 1 excused absence per term. This can be carried over to the next term. We believe students learn best when there is a routine in place. Weekly practice and guidance is pivotal for success! 


Regular Performances 

We often have public out-of-school and in-school performances, as well as in-class recording opportunities. These are all included with the lessons fees, so we encourage our students to take advantage of the available experiences. While students don’t have to participate in every event, we encourage them to make our events their priority so that they can feel a strong belonging to the school. Students must sign media release forms to participate in these photographed and videotaped events. 


Summer Programs

Please look out for our summer programs. We have exciting weekly camps like ‘MV (music video) Making’, ‘Song-Writing’, ‘Cover Video Recording’, ‘Musical Theatre’, and we know they will inspire your kids!

T-Shirt / School Uniform / Rental

School T-shirt are available for purchase at $15. This is worn for all out of school events, including performances, camps, and field trips. Please purchase this well before your performance date to ensure your child has one.

At some shows, students will require special costumes. If the school provides it, students will not have to purchase the item, but they will pay a rental fee to borrow it for the show. We offer this service so that parents do not have to purchase large amounts of costumes each year. 

Private Lessons

Lessons are once or twice a week. Aside from learning vocal techniques, students may choose to focus in one of the following areas: Songwriting, Competition and Festivals, RCM Examinations or Performance. Our song recording and filming facilities is available for all private students.


Private Class Tuition 

Duration of Class      Tuition

30 Minutes                $40

45 Minutes                $55

1 Hour                         $75

Students purchasing a loyalty package receive scheduling priority and discounted rates. The credit is non- transferable, and non-refundable. They do not expire, however, after 16 months of inactivity, it will be valued to reflect any pricing changes if there is one. 

Contact us at: 

The Singing School Office

Cell: 647-241-2428

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