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We select diverse repertoire from Musical Theatre to Pop Culture to keep music-making relevant and education. Our goal is to focus on building healthy foundations, musicality (note reading, listening skills), and confidence on stage.



Our beginner group class starts them off right. We are unit based, so there’s something different to look forward to every class. Our students grow to love performance because we keep it relevant and fun. As always, we start off with vocal warm ups, and technique training, and then we proceed to unit contents.

Unit Examples: 

Musical Theatre- Performing and Acting as a group
Acoustic Pop Song- Performing with a live instrument in small groups or as a soloist

Glee Club - Singing and Dancing as a group
Solo Selection Masterclass - Student picks a solo song of their choice and performs it at the year end recital.

Bringing students on fun field trips like ‘recording day’, or to watch a favourite live musical is something we do throughout the year that all beginner group class students are welcomed to join!


With a balanced focus in dance and voice performance, our students get a taste of broadway meets pop. This group is appropriate for children with high energy and crave the stage. 

We begin with vocal warm-ups, then proceed to practicing the song. We fortify our performance through song analysis, drama and performance training, and of course dance!

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