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Lights, Camera, ACTION! Whether you're learning from home, or you've decided to make the trip to the school, we welcome you to join our annual musical production. Jam packed with Drama, Dance, SINGING, and surprises - you will have a memorable experience, make lots of new friends, and acquire some new skills.

Our one-term theatre program is suitable for children between the ages of 5 - 13 years. We have weekly small group classes, and a few large group rehearsals closer to the musical date. This year, instead of a live theatre performance, we will be filming each scene within cohorts of students, and the musical will be streamed and viewed from the comfort and safety of home.  Students will still discover the benefit of the theatre program through collaboration, specialty workshops, props and costumes, and seeing their hard work come to life on the big screen. 

Contact us today to find out how your child can be a part of this!

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Do YOU want to be lead character in this year's musical? Whether you have a voice that can be heard for miles, or a penchant for dramatic storytelling, you will find your perfect role on stage with us.

To audition, please prepare the following:

1)  Prepare to sing a song of your choice - 1 Minute Long ( Acapella )

2) Prepare a reading of the following script, there are many contrasting personalities in these exerpts, please be prepared to act as any given role. 

Deadline for audition application : October 13th
Audition will be your choice of Zoom audition or in person audition : October 16th - 17th







The character that appears very often in the musical, involves strong vocal skills, exceptional command of the audience, and a leader of the theatre



A part of the production, uses singing to enhance the story telling. If you love to sing but don't want to memorize too many acting lines, pick this!



The heart of theatre is the story and development of character, and we need some strong actors that can bring our characters to life! Choose this of you have a dramatic flair but prefer not to have a big solo.


All leading roles must be able to commit to extra rehearsals, be prepared by studying and memorizing lines outside class time, and be a team player when working together with other actors and singers.

Main roles must be comfortable with participating in in-person rehearsals and filming. 

For all main/leading roles, there is a fee of $550 for students not enrolled in a group class.

If you are enrolled in a group class part of your fee is subsidized, you will only have to pay $250. 

These fees help pay for special clothing, props, extra rehearsals, and filming.  We thank you kindly for understand the operational costs of running a theatre program. 

Auditions Application

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you at the audition!

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